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Hypnolinguistics Review By CCF Certified Life Coaches

The Life Mastery Course is an online self-improvement course that consists of 12 videos covering a variety of topics that can help you understand how you can live your life to the fullest of your potential. Topics include: Neuroscience, Spirituality, and Philosophy.

The Hypnolinguistics portion of the course will teach you how words create worlds! Discover how words can change your subconscious mind by learning the cognitive value of words and how word choice and word structure can create certain feelings, thought patterns, beliefs, and expectations that can be aligned with your intentions. Learn how Cognitive Reflex Conditioning can be used to remove any limiting belief and create lightening fast cognitive responses to help you live your life free of limitations. Just imagine! This course will blow your mind!

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One Reason To Go Vegan!

“I’ll give you just one reason to go vegan. Water! By 2025, if we don’t evolve to a plant-based diet, 1/2 of of our planet’s population will not have clean drinking water. Cause? The number one cause? The production, transportation, and consumption of meat. The writing is on the wall, and the evidence is clear. Right now, companies like Nestle are draining the great lakes and using its water in products like Perrier and others. Governments are doing little to nothing to protect the environment as water is being drained four times faster than it can be replenished by nature. But this is nothing compared to factory farming, which uses even more water, contaminates both water and soil, and contributes up to 51% of all greenhouse gases that are slowing killing our planet. Until we wake up you can expect more droughts, much higher food prices, higher gas prices, more violent weather patterns, a complete disappearance in the permanent arctic ice within four years, and a shit-storm like you’ve never even imagined. Go vegan! Save the planet! Be able to look your kids in the eye and say you did something! There is still time. Or you can choose to be ignorant, oblivious, and delusional. Right now that would put you in the majority, but I’m optimistic that people will wake up, get fired up, and do something. As I age, become informed, and think about the world and how I can make a difference, I become less “politically correct,” and more passionate to do something that matters. Going vegan matters!” Derrick Sweet,

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Funny Video

#Make It Count

How To Find Meaning


How to find meaning

“The first step to meaning and significance begins with defining your purpose. 

Your purpose will tell you which way to go next.”  The Life Mastery Course

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Wisdom Quotes

“In the river of Life two currents flow in opposite directions. One, on the surface, flows toward sorrow, toward sickness, toward bondage. The other, beneath it, flows towards happiness, health and freedom.” Ancient yoga text reviewed in the Life Mastery Course.

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Free Course

Register for any upcoming Life Mastery Course for 2012 this month and get the Hypnolinguistics 5 Week Online Course Free!  For more information on Hypnolinguistics please visit:

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