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The Life Mastery Course was created by Derrick Sweet. Derrick is the Chairman and Founder of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Corporation. Derrick is best known as a popular keynote speaker and author of three highly celebrated books: Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Get The Most Out Of Life, and You Don't Have To Die To Go To Heaven. Founded in 1999, the Healthy Wealthy and Wise® Corporation is an international training and development company that has created a several well-known personal and professional development programs and courses that have been licensed worldwide to corporations, associations, non-profit organizations and federal, state, and municipal government departments. Some of the company's training programs and membership-based communities include; The Certified Coaches Federation (www.certifiedcoachesfederation.com), the Professional Speakers Federation (www.professionalspeakersfederation.com), and the Hypnolinguistics® Course (www.hypnolinguistics.com).

Healthy Wealthy and Wise® clients include: General Electric, KPMG Peat Marwick, Hewlett-Packard, American Express, Wells Fargo, Toronto District School Board, The City of St. John, Kansas Credit Union League, Toronto Metropolitan Police Department, The City of Burlington, North Carolina Credit Union League, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Human Resources Association of Ontario, Templeton Funds, Fidelity Investments, Ontario Nurses Association, Credit Union Managers Association, Sun Life Financial, Mississauga Hydro, Wyoming Credit Union and Sanyo Electronics.

Between 2006-2011 the Certified Coaches Federation (a Healthy Wealthy and Wise company) trained and certified over 6,500 people in Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, and South East Asia to become Certified Life Coaches and Certified Business Coaches. Our life coach training certification program has become one of the most recommended Life Coach Training Programs in the world in less than five years. The secret to Derrick's success is keeping things simple. If it's not useful, or essential to the process, we throw it out of our program.

The Life Mastery Course is for anyone and everyone! It's for anyone who wants to learn how to become free to live with no limits! The Life Mastery Course is a movement! It's changing lives and creating opportunities!

Derrick Sweet Creator of the Life Mastery Course

Telephone: 866-455-2155
Email: info@healthywealthyandwise.com


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